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9 Ways to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage

Living in Raleigh, NC puts some of the most beautiful parts of the Atlantic Ocean right in your backyard. With summer coming to an end, boat owners need to plan a storage strategy for their watercraft. Proper boat storage prolongs the life of your investment, keeps it safe from damage and theft, and ensures that it’s ready when you need it. Use these tips to make sure your watercraft is wrapped up tight before the winter weather begins.

Clean Everything

  • Empty and sanitize coolers and cooking equipment. Dry thoroughly before wrapping in plastic.
  • Sweep and mop floors, ceilings, windows, and walls. Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove all traces of moisture.
  • Remove rugs, curtains, and other fabric accessories. Take them to the cleaners or run them through the washer. Wrap in plastic for storage.
  • Go through all cabinets and cubbies. Remove anything that could spoil, leak, or cause a fire hazard.

Mechanical Matters

  • Flush the cooling system with water to remove dirt. Drain all water from the engine.
  • Empty the fuel tanks to prevent damage-causing condensation.
  • Use an aerosol cleaner to remove gunk and corrosion from the fuel system and other engine parts.
  • Change the oil and top off other fluids.
  • If you can, remove the starting batteries. Store them in a dry, warm place. Cold weather drains battery power and makes them unreliable even after charging.

Don’t forget to call your insurance company. Most boat insurance policies allow you to suspend coverage when your boat is laid up for the winter.

Need to know more about boat insurance? Young Insurance Associates, Inc. serves the Raleigh, NC area with policies for all of your important possessions. Contact the agents at Young Insurance Associates, Inc. to learn more about protecting your motorized toys.

Boat Insurance and Boating Under the Influence

Young Insurance Associates, Inc. is familiar with the ins and outs of boat insurance. Boat owners must adhere to many laws in order to operate a boat in the United States, and boating under the influence (BUI) is illegal in all states and subject to certain sanctions, including steep fines and even possible jail time. Obviously, it isn’t wise to operate a boat after taking drugs or drinking alcohol, as you could put yourself and others at serious risk. But even if you’ve been cited for BUI, your boat insurance company may still provide protection.

If you receive a BUI, you are required to contact your boat insurance agency.

Alcohol: More Dangerous on Water than Land

The U.S. Coast Guard has warned that alcohol is even more dangerous on water than it is on land. Over half of all boating accidents can be attributed to boaters under the influence. Law enforcement may even set up BUI checkpoints just as they set up DUI checkpoints on the road.

An experienced Raleigh, NC insurance agency can help you navigate a BUI and what to do after receiving one, to minimize the consequences as much as possible.

Contact Young Insurance Associate, Inc: Your Raleigh, NC Insurance Agency

As proud members of the Independent Insurance Agents Association of North Carolina, we are proud to serve both North and South Carolina. We believe insurance is not “one size fits all,” and we develop relationships with our clients to meet all your needs. Contact us if you need boating insurance in Raleigh by calling (919) 322-4186 today.


Every insurance policy has a limit of claims depending on the package you pay for the policy and this where the umbrella insurance policy comes. It covers more than one property or asset with an extra layer of liability protection. You can use umbrella insurance policy together with other types of insurance policies like home or auto policies. Umbrella insurance policy will assist you when you reach your other insurance claim limit. It also covers you for claims that maybe excluded by other liability policies, claims such as; your rental units, slander and false arrest. For people living in Raleigh, NC you can visit or contact Young Insurance.

What does umbrella insurance policy cover?

Umbrella insurance policy will cover for liabilities that exceed or are not covered by your other policies and for more information about umbrella insurance policy you can visit Young Insurance in Raleigh NC for more information. Below are the things that umbrella insurance policy covers;

Bodily insurance liability-umbrella insurance policy will cover you on bodily damage costs. The cost of medical bills to the other party sustained due to auto accident when you are the one on the fault, or injuries sustained by a guest in your home maybe due to a fall.

Property damage liability-umbrella insurance policy will cover you for damages caused to other party’s property when you are at fault, like damages cause by your child at school.

Policy owner’s rental units-as a landlord umbrella insurance will cover you for liabilities that you may face in the rental units. For example, if pets of your tenants cause any bodily injuries to someone, you are held responsible for the damages. Or when a tenant is suing you for damages when they sustain injuries within the rental units maybe due cracks on the side walk.


Understanding the Claims Process When It Comes to Renters Insurance

Many people purchase renters insurance without knowing the exact parameters of their plan. Then, when it’s too late and they need to file a claim, they don’t understand how the claims process works.

This guide will outline the essential things you need to know about how renters insurance claims function:

• First, remember that you should always have a home inventory when it comes to renters insurance. Often, renters use a video camera to go through their entire rental property to have evidence of what they own. You can also take pictures and make a list.

• Your insurance adjuster will appreciate this video because it gives proper evidence that you own what you are filing a claim for, and it can also back up the value that you are claiming for your items.

• What if you don’t have a home inventory? You’ll need to make a list of the things that you’ve lost or that were damaged, and you need to attribute value to these things.

• You also should know about how claims are valued. There are two basic ways that insurance claims work: replacement cost or actual cash value. You want the former because it gives you the ability to be purchase your items at retail prices. If you take the actual cash value, you’ll get a depreciated price after you make your claim.

Contact Young Insurance to Learn More

If you are a Raleigh, NC resident and you are looking for a renters insurance plan or would like to learn more about what your plan covers and how claims are made, contact Young Insurance today. We are proud to serve the residents of Raleigh, NC and can help you find a plan that works for you. Give us a call or visit one of our offices at your earliest convenience to get in touch with an agent. We hope to hear from you soon!

In Raleigh, NC, Does Commercial Insurance Company Cover Losses Such As Employee Theft?

The licensed agents at Young Insurance can help business owners in the Raleigh, NC area to determine what type of commercial insurance coverage they need and how much insurance they should include to sufficiently cover the needs of the business. Property damage, liability, and Worker’s Compensation are just a few types of insurance that most companies can benefit from. Retail business often must deal with various types of theft, but unfortunately, only burglary and robbery are covered by certain insurance policies.

Much like shoplifting, employee theft requires no force and does not damage business property. With proper precautions, many types of employee theft and shoplifting can be prevented. Insurance agents can often provide sound advice on how to increase security making it much more difficult for the employee or shoplifter to get away with the merchandise. Security cameras, plainclothes officers, and security alarms near the doors can all work together to help business owners reduce their financial losses that are caused by theft. The agents can help business owners uncover potential weak areas and reduce their vulnerability by implementing new security measures.

In Raleigh, NC, the agents at Young Insurance can answer questions, review existing insurance policies and help business owners update their current policy, so the business is sufficiently protected from many different types of financial or physical issues. Having the right insurance policy and the right amount of coverage is the key to protecting your business. Agents are available to discuss both personal and commercial insurance policies allowing the individual to get all of their insurance needs covered in one convenient location.

Protecting Your Home for the Winter

Although winters in Raleigh, NC tend to be on the milder end of the spectrum, snow, ice, and freezing winds are not uncommon. In the past, disastrous storms have occurred in the area, leaving residents unprepared. Those who live in the Raleigh NC area need to take precautions to combat the unforeseeable weather in the winter months.

The impact of extreme weather can be hazardous, even immobilizing, so it is imperative to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home. Before the winter season, be sure that all entryways are clear, eliminate leaves and debris from gutters, and seal all windows and doors. Don’t forget your car! Check the hoses, battery, and antifreeze levels. It is also a good idea to keep the gas tank full, to prevent condensation in the tank that could freeze due to the cold temperatures.

When a storm has settled, you must once again be sure to clear all entryways and sidewalks near your home to prevent injuries from slip-and-falls. At this point, look for any damage caused by the winter storm, photograph it, and then call your Young Insurance agent to report it. If necessary, make temporary repairs, but be sure to keep repair and materials receipts. Avoid any permanent repairs, however, until an agreement has been settled upon. Lastly, as downed power lines are common during storms, keep an eye out for them, and connect with your agent at once to report them.

Be sure to contact an agent at Young Insurance for a consultation regarding home and auto insurance specific to your needs. Coverage for damage caused by falling trees, power outages, and fires provoked by the more frequent use of fireplaces should be discussed. Young Insurance, serving the needs of those who live in Raleigh, NC, strives to provide customers with the most appropriate coverage for the area.

Is a Better Home Insurance Policy Worth It?

Most people don’t go around discussing home insurance at the dinner table or when they’re out at a bar. It’s just not a popular topic of conversation, and that’s probably because it means thinking about the terrible things that may befall the property you’ve worked so hard to buy and maintain. However, the less you think about it, the more likely it is that you’ll end up shocked after you find out that certain costs or expenses will be entirely on your own. Young Insurance can give you more information on how it works for those in Raleigh, NC.

Do You Know?

If a thief breaks into your house and steals the birthday gifts your sister asked you to keep her in your spare bedroom, do you know if that’s covered or not? If your brand-new granite countertops are destroyed by a random act of vandalism, do you know if that will be covered? If the UPS delivery person trips on a stick in your yard and then sues for chronic back pain, do you know if you’ll get financial help with the litigation? These are good questions, and often ones that homeowners aren’t sure about or don’t even want to contemplate. Whether you have a lot or a little in your home, you may have worth more protecting than you know.

Young Insurance 

When it comes to what’s covered and what isn’t, it’s worth asking the agent directly for the answer. Young Insurance has people who can walk you through it. This way, you won’t have to study every possible combination of events. If you live in Raleigh, NC, then call our agents today for more information on we can help you determine the best possible policy for your home.

Is Your Auto Insurance Policy Right For You?

Your auto insurance policy makes a great deal of difference in how well you are covered and how easily you can recover from an accident. For those in the Raleigh, NC area, your coverage needs may be different than someone that lives in another part of the country and you should take the time to make sure you have the right coverage.

Insurance policies are different across the board and making sure you have enough coverage and the right coverage is important. Full coverage, liability coverage, and other forms of coverage can work to protect your car and your belongings in the event of an accident. There are a few different ways to make sure you have the right coverage. The first is to consider if you have a loan on the car or not. Those that do have a loan out against the automobile need to have full coverage to help cover the loan if there is an accident.

Those that own the car outright do not need full coverage and can instead opt for liability coverage that just covers hospital costs and the deductible of the other driver. You may also need insurance that helps pay for theft, damage, and other issues that may arise regarding your car. Agents can help you decide what coverage and what type of insurance is going to work best for you and what coverage you need.

Insurance coverage differs from state to state and you may not need the same coverage in Raleigh, NC as you might need in another part of the country. Taking the time to find out what coverage you need can help save time, effort, money and frustration and make dealing with an accident a little bit easier in the long run.

Buying Commercial Insurance for Your Business in Raleigh, NC

Owning a small business is exciting. As a business owner, you are the boss and are passionate about your company. However, in case of accident or other unforeseen occurrences, it is important to buy commercial insurance for your business. Young Insurance recommends talking with an experienced commercial insurance agent before you invest in your business. Buying insurance should be part of your business plan before you open your doors. Commercial insurance will protect you, your employees and your customers in the case of injury or mishap.

What Kind of Commercial Insurance is Needed

It is impossible for an agent to tell you what kind of commercial insurance you need without understanding the scope of your business. An insurance agent needs to take into consideration the size of the business, industry, inventory cost and many other details before quoting. When meeting with your agent, come prepared to discuss these issues by bringing the numbers with you. Your agent can offer you a list or worksheet to let you know what should be included.

Coverage Changes from State to State

Since coverage differs from state to state, you will likely need policies in each state you have a branch of your business. Multi-location businesses need to check the laws in their states to see what requirements each state has. If your business is in North Carolina, you will need to ask your agent what requirements you need to follow and what additional insurance is recommended for your business. Another consideration is accounting for growth and loss within a business and how that will affect your insurance coverage. Your agent will be able to offer you various options in order to fit your budget and any other needs you have.


Why is RV Insurance Important

What is RV Insurance?

In order to understand RV insurance, you need to know what is is and why it’s important. RV insurance is in place to protect you against financial liability toward any bodily injury or property damage that may be caused if you are in an accident while you, or another driver is behind the wheel of your RV. As a resident of North Carolina, a minimum of liability insurance is required, by law for owners of recreational vehicles.

Why is RV Insurance Important?

Besides being a requirement by law, having protection in place for yourself or anyone that may be using your vehicle is a smart move. For instance, if you live in your RV, having full-timers insurance will be necessary. This is a similar to homeowners insurance, which may protect you in the case of any damage, natural disaster, theft and other unexpected circumstances that happen to your RV. In most cases, for motor home purchasers, the lender will require that RV insurance is purchased at point of sale before they will approve you.

What kind of RV Insurance do I need?

There are a number of types of RV’s, but the biggest variation in coverage is dependent on whether you own a camper, which is also called a travel trailer or a motor home. RV’s are classified into three groups: Class A, Class B and Class C and the type of insurance that will be required is determined based on the amount of use that is put into the RV and if you live in the motor home full-time. A motor home is considered one if there are living quarters permanently attached, the vehicle has permanent cooking and refrigeration appliances, heating and air conditioning, plumbing for a bathroom, a drinkable water supply system and has a 110-125 volt electrical system in place. A travel trailer, which is non-motorized and most often used for camping, would be considered such if there is a permanently attached cooking system and sufficient area for sleeping within the vehicle.